Mosaic Wall and Floor Tiles

These attractive type of tiles, come in different types of materials. These can be made of ceramics, coloured glass, marble, granite, porcelain, travertine and even made of mirrors amongst others.

Most of these are suitable for both walls, floors and other surfaces such worktop / counter top and even ceilings applications. Mosaic tiles are also great for adding a splash of art and design to main tiling by using them as border tiles or a mural; add a vertical or horizontal band by sectioning a mosaic sheet in 3 or 4 rows or according to your inspiration or to planning necessity.

It is very important to store all mosaic sheets in a dry environment as some humidity can de-bond the backing off the tiles, offsetting and distorting their position on the sheets. If this happens then it will be very difficult to install these and in many cases they will need to be discarded or the installer will have to painstakingly fit each mosaic, one by one. Not cost effective.


Even the best mosaic manufacturer will ship mosaic sheets which will have some miss aligned tiles. Yes even the robots can get it wrong! Usually individual mosaics tiles are assembled inside grid templates and then the backing mesh is glued on the tiles. Undoubtedly some tiles do not sit square on the grid.

What this usually means is that it is sometimes necessary to adjust or remove some sections of the sheet with the use of a "Stanley knife" or craft knife, by slicing through the affected section. Best to carefully check each sheet of mosaics before gluing it into place.

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